Frequently Asked Questions

~sips tea~

What is your job?

I work in the digital and programmatic marketing field for the tech industry.

I see different posts from different locations. Where to you live?

I started my blog when I was in school in Pittsburgh and relaunched it when I was home in Jersey for the summer after graduation. As of August 2017, I live in New York City.

What camera do you use?

Up until July 2017 I only used my iPhone 7. I currently use a Canon EOS Rebel T7i with a 18-55mm lens.

Who takes your photos?

The majority of my photos are taken by my very patient best friend!

Why is there a martini glass emoji and a cherry emoji after all your social media account names?

For starters, I like martinis. But I also chose this emoji because I think it resembles me very well: sometimes a bit dry, usually more enjoyable when chilled out, not afraid to say something slightly dirty, and always straight up, with the occasional twist here and there.Β πŸ˜‚

As for the cherry, cherries are red and my favorite fruit. Cherries are also girly and sounds like chΓ©rie, meaning darling, which is what I call my readers!