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  • Seasonal

    BLOGMAS DAY FOUR: Gift Guide 2017

    Happy day four of #12DaysOfBlogmas here on Bouge & Rouge! Yesterday, you witnessed me whining to Santa Claus about the things I want for Christmas this year. But today, it’s my…

  • Seasonal

    Black Friday // Cyber Monday Sales

    Who has been shopping till they drop these few days? I know I haven’t (I’m in a maximum security prison of no-buying for the next month). But despite being unable to…

  • Panorama Seasonal

    What I Am Thankful For

    Mes chéries, there is nothing better than closing your work laptop or your school books (or at least telling yourself you’ll keep them closed) and going home to do nothing but…

  • Seasonal

    My Fall Favorites of 2017

    Can you believe it’s November already, mes chéries? It’s like I blinked and it was BYE FOREVER OCTOBER! 🍂 I’m slightly peeved with Mother Nature because I have not been able to…

  • Seasonal

    Halloween Costume Ideas On A Budget

    Mes chéries, comment allez-vous? I’ve had a hell of a month and a weekend that probably took 5 years off my life. But regardless, I am here with some Halloween ideas…

  • Seasonal

    Fall Fun: Apple Picking 🍎

    Happy Monday, mes chéries, and welcome to the first of this fall’s seasonal posts! I’m so happy that the temperature has been dropping (slowly, but surely) in New York, despite the…