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    Morning Musings: The Write Way

    Every now and then, I wake up before noon *gasp* and go to my morning class. I always love the feeling of being awake before everyone else is, sipping on my…

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    I hate posting political posts. I’ve avoided it all this time. I hate talking about politics with friends in general. But social media is on fire right now, which has brought…

  • Panorama

    A Thank You to Greek Life

    Today is the day… It’s the first day of my very last Formal Membership Recruitment (FMR). The past few weeks of intense preparation from my entire chapter and I have bonded…

  • Panorama

    Pokémon NO.

    I grew up addicted to Pokémon. When I was three, I threw such a large tantrum that my mom confiscated all my video tapes and the privilege to watch new episodes for…

  • Panorama

    Smugglin’ Some Booty

    Ladies, if you like being comfortable on the airplane, you’ll probably wear leggings, right? And ladies, if you like what I call the “smooth aesthetic” but want to protect yourself from…