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  • Featured Panorama

    Twenty-Three Years Wiser

    Mes chéries, this girl is turned one year older last Monday, April 2! This birthday was important to me since it was my Jordan year birthday and first birthday on my…

  • Featured Panorama Seasonal

    New Year, New Me?

    Happy New Year, mes chéries! How were your New Year’s Eves? A few college friends and I hosted a party and spent it with our friends, old and new. It was…

  • Featured L'Esprit

    The Key to Happiness

    Mes chéries, welcome to a brand new section of my blog’s Personal side, L’Esprit! The word “l’esprit” means “the spirit” or “the mind” in French. During my hiatus last week, I…

  • Featured Style

    #22 Dresses @ 22

    I don’t believe that there is a single fashionista out there who has never played dress-up around the house with clothes from her own closet. Whether you’re 5 or 25, it’s…