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    Tutorial: A Unicorn’s Daydream πŸ¦„

    My favorite emojis include the cherry, the upside down smiley, the moon face, and of course, the unicornΒ πŸ¦„. Growing up, I was obsessed with rainbows. When asked what my favorite color…

  • Beauty

    Seven SHAYdes of Smashbox

    In case you haven’t been in the loop about things, Shay Mitchell is my celebrity twin. I swear we’re almost the same person. The only differences between us is the fact…

  • Beauty

    My Favorite Beauty Hacks

    Life hack. Beauty hack. Hack this, hack that. I used to laugh whenever I heard some new “hack” everyone raves about. Lately, the joke’s on me because I discovered a few…

  • Beauty

    Simply Skincare

    As a huge makeup junkie, I used to believe that I needed to splurge on high-end products to cover my acne/acne scars, hyper pigmentation, or freckles. However, I grew to realize…

  • Beauty

    Tutorial: Winged Eyeliner

    In the How To series, I’ll be posting a few tutorials on all things makeup and hair. Being that winged liner is a classic look that is probably the hardest to…