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January 2017

  • Beauty

    Seven SHAYdes of Smashbox

    In case you haven’t been in the loop about things, Shay Mitchell is my celebrity twin. I swear we’re almost the same person. The only differences between us is the fact…

  • Beauty

    My Favorite Beauty Hacks

    Life hack. Beauty hack. Hack this, hack that. I used to laugh whenever I heard some new “hack” everyone raves about. Lately, the joke’s on me because I discovered a few…

  • Seasonal

    New Year, Who Dis?

    You can sit around and claim that calendars are just human constructs of time and the turning of the clock at midnight on December 31 does not change anything. You can also embrace the…

  • Style

    Runway to Run Away: Trends of 2016

    Happy New Year, mes chéries! I hope everyone spent the week curing their hangovers from the numerous shots as well as Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve “performance.” With 2016 behind us, I say…