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September 2016

  • Style

    Early Autumn Lookbook

    For all the fall lovers out there, the long-awaited season of boots, fuzzy cardigans, and dark berry lips has finally arrived. I personally love fall because it’s a perfect transition time…

  • Panorama

    A Thank You to Greek Life

    Today is the day… It’s the first day of my very last Formal Membership Recruitment (FMR). The past few weeks of intense preparation from my entire chapter and I have bonded…

  • Amour


    I’m sure you’ve been told that people come into our lives for a reason. Once they’ve fulfilled their purpose, don’t be afraid to let them go. As much as I strongly believe…

  • Decor-um

    Rack City

    No person is complete without a nice rack in his or her life. A good rack just make any mess of things look aesthetically pleasing. For those of you with your objectifying heads in the…

  • Amour

    A Ghost to Remember

    Ghosting has become such a common game that someone should make it an Olympic sport. But seriously. Anyone can ghost. While guys often ghost more than girls do, it’s definitely not exclusive…

  • Art

    In Transit: August Favorites

    Three years ago, my life went from the fast lane to the bus lane. As a student/intern in an urban setting, public transportation (and Uber) is both my savior and the…